Okay, hi everyone! So, I finally hit 15k followers (what is life?!) and I want to give back. I actually was packing up because I’m about to move and i found these old shirts i tucked in a box, most don’t fit me because they’re small. I was thinking of putting them on the wall in my new room, but that’s what posters are for. So I’m going to give these away!! I will pick 2 winners, yes two because there are 10 shirts, each person will get 5 and yes, I ship worldwide! So, here are the shirts

  • Red, Of Mice & Men shirt (M)
  • White, Blink-182 shirt (sleeves cut off, M)
  • Red, Sleeping With Sirens shirt (M)
  • White, Paramore shirt (sleeves cut off, S)
  • Black, Pierce The Veil shirt (M)
  • White, Sleeping With Sirens shirt (S) 
  • Black, Blink-182 shirt (S)
  • Black, Pierce The Veil shirt (S) 
  • White, Pierce The Veil shirt (S)
  • Black, Rise Against shirt (sleeves cut off, M)

Rules and Regulations: 

  • You must be following me, prettyparamore.
  • only reblogs count, I have a randomizer that will select two winners.
  • i will select two winners, each winner will get 5 shirts. 
  • I will select a winner on September 29th, because that’s the last week i have before i move to my new house.
  • Your ask box must be open, so if you win, i can message you! 

Good luck and reblog away!!! 

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via Cop v. Black Guy

100% accurate

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Artist: Rise Against
Album: Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013
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Come raise your lantern to the sky
And let’s illuminate this night
We’ll dance like heathens round the flame
And while the world sleeps we are awake!

The intro always makes me think of dusk at the shore of a lake, just before total dark falls.  A few stars visible.  Fireflies.  The surface of the water rippling gently.

Figures step out of the shadows, carrying instruments.

The night begins.

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Woah guys, check out these sick posters I found from a “Design a Commemorative Poster For Rise Against” contest. The first one was the winner. Link on source

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I’m so proud I even made a gif

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*is in the manga section of the bookshop* *sees another person* HAHA! what a nerd

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